@ Membership Secretary, BCA1960

Firstly, I welcome you
to celebrate our
Annual Award and
Dinner event. I feel
e n o r m o u s l y
privileged and
honoured as Membership
Secretary to this largest and oldest organisation ‘BCA’.
We all know how difficult and painful year we had.
Even in this current climate there are many issues
raised which are becoming extremely difficult for
sustaining the business. Especially raising of Interest
rate, energy bills and buying products. We have to be
united and coherent to develop our business strategy.
It is essential that BCA should encourage caterers to
become members for this great industry.
The members can get many benefits not only financial
aspect of the business but get essential business and
other expertise advice.
There is an opportunity to become life member. Once
a life member, you will never need to renew your
membership, providing you fulfill the membership
By becoming a member you will enormously assist this
organisation to lobby with the government to our
needs and many other business related issues. We
have seen the effect during this difficult year. This also
helps us to negotiate better deals with the suppli-ers.
We need to proactive with all our business related
issues to demonstrate to the rele-vant Government
departments and other utility services. It’s time for us
to be together than ever before.
This will enhance BCA to inter connect and lobby with
the government regarding the industries staff shortage
issue. The staff shortage is the biggest implication at
this present climate. This has affect to collapse our
great British Curry Industry. We have to stand together,
discus and make every effort to show the Government
the real concern. This is why we have to have
registered members.
I sincerely urge all the caterers to join BCA and ‘help
us to help you’ in this great curry in-dustry.