Mr. Jamal Uddin

@ BCA1960

Jamal Uddin Mokkodus
Senior Vice President
We as the Bangladeshi catering
industry became part of the back bone
that kept the country moving ”

I personally would like to welcome everyone to our
Diamond jubilee Bangladesh Caterers Association
Gala dinner.
Terms like “Turbulent times” , “uncertain times”,
“difficult times” have been banded about in the
past. But these words are more poignant in this
current climate. The whole world has gone through
an unprecedented era. Something I think no one
would have been able to foresee. The industry
as a whole has suffered. Personally I think our
Bangladeshi Catering industry has suffered and
maybe had to adapt more than other sectors.
But these testing times have shown how resilient
our beloved industry is. It’s shown how integral
we are to our community local and national. We
as an industry I think have a optimistic outlook on
everything. Even in the midst of a global pandemic
which almost crippled our economy. We as the
Bangladeshi catering industry became part of
the back bone that kept the country moving .
We should all be proud of this collectively. The
pandemic has allowed us to re evaluate the way we
do things. Maybe even helped make the changes
that we did not realise we needed. We got more
focused on streamlining the menu. Working out
costings correctly and factoring costs of using
third party platforms. Or even creating our own
platforms and using digital marketing to help
elevate our businesses. One of the many lessons
from this pandemic has been the fittest will survive
and the weak will have to get stronger . We at the
Bangladesh Caterers Association are here to help
our fellow caterers get stronger and support you to
weather this storm .
In this current climate we are fortunate to have the
opportunity to hold our 15th Awards ceremony with
the traditional glitz and glamour. It’s a chance for
us to be able to celebrate the industry as a whole.
The achievements, the progress and the sheer grit
and determination of our beloved Bangladeshi
Catering Industry. We can pay tribute and
congratulate the winners of the prestigious awards.
Also it’s rare opportunity in this day and age for us
to be able to get together in these numbers in an
exquisite grand venue like the Intercontinental O2.
To be able to be in the same room as so many peers
and friends.
We as the Bangladesh Caterers Association are a
very proud organisation. Proud for many reasons,
we are politically non aligned, we enjoy the respect
of everyone in this challenging and exhilarating
industry. These are a few of the reasons why we are
blessed to have a good variation of sponsors and
advertisers to whom we send our sincere thanks.
We are looking forward to hearing the names of the
winners of the Chef of the year, Restaurant of the
year, Takeaway of the year and BCA honour of the
year. We have to acknowledge the hard work of our
team without whom none of this would be possible.
Everyone involved has given their precious time
away from family and businesses to make this event
a success.
As I have mentioned earlier we as an organisation
are here to help you weather the storm. We are
blessed to be able to reap the benefits of our
ancestors sacrifices and lessons that they have
taught us. We all are indebted to them. As are
the next generation of caterers the future of the
industry and its is our job to nurture them.
Let us celebrate the BCA achievements, let’s stay
united so we shine a spotlight on our Bangladeshi
Catering Industry as a symbol of strength,
community, success of a multicultural Britain. Let
us be optimistic for the future inshallah.