Mr. Saidur Rahman Bipul

@ Treasurer, BCA1960

Treasurer’s Message

If we continue to carry out the fundamental tasks positive results will follow.

Hello everyone and welcome to BCA’s 16th Annual
Awards, celebrating the best talent within the
Bangladeshi curry industry. Where tonight we shine a
spotlight on talent and skills. This is an evening of
celebration and recognition. A proud night for us all.
However, we are all now facing unexpected new
challenges, where businesses in the hospitality sector
are facing a variety of threats which come at the worst
possible time for businesses. We are all aware that the
hospitality sector’s post-pandemic recovery could be
severely hampered by the cost-of-living crisis and a
widespread lack of staff. Our industry like the rest of
the sector needs continued help from government.
Research for the overall hospitality sector shows that
talent shortages are also a major concern. We do not
need data to tell us this, as we as curry houses have
been finding it challenging to fill our vacancies –
meaning there is now an added imperative for us as
businesses to find new and novel ways to recruit,
reward and retain our staff.
We also know that our sector is ideally placed to
power the UK’s economic recovery. Pre the pandemic
we were an industry contributing an incredible £4.2
billion to the national economy.
Tonight, reminds us that despite the challenges facing
our industry, these Awards prove every year how much
talent there is within the BCA community. It recognises
dedication, hard work and success of our members.
The curry sector has shown huge resilience and is
always supported by BCA. Our slogan this year is –

Celebrating Success & Inspiring Others.
BCA always provides the industry with help and
assistance and has always been a true voice for the
industry. BCA helps to motivate its members during
difficult times and has been a bedrock for the
Bangladeshi curry industry and will always play a
critical and vital role in helping restaurants and
takeaways in the future.
When people have a deep, shared understanding of
what it is like to live and work in a place and recognise
what’s needed to enable everyone to thrive – then this
is when change happens! This is the strength of BCA,
our unity and community.
I have been BCA’s Chief Treasurer for a few years now
and I am proud to serve you and this great
organisation. My job is to look at future projections,
the numbers, and the figures. I have been thinking
about how we go forward as an industry and while it
is a combination of factors, I do believe it comes down
to one word – unity. By continuing to pull together as
an organisation and growing our membership, we will
be able to ensure our success for this great curry
industry. It will help us engage with the next
generation of restaurateurs.
I would like to congratulate the nominees and winners
of tonight’s Awards. You are an inspiration to us all,
particularly to the younger members within families of
the curry industry, who I am sure will aspire to achieve
the same success for themselves in the future.