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Modern Technology in Restaurants and Takeaways

Modern Technology in Restaurants and Takeaways

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S. M. Mumin CEO – Chef Online
Practically every aspect of our lives
would be almost unrecognisable to our
contemporaries from 50 years ago,
thanks to the technological revolution. From
working practices in the office to chatting
with friends to watching a movie or listening
to music – little wonder so many in the
media are saying that we are living through
the fourth industrial revolution.
It should also come as no surprise that the
wheels of technological progress have rolled
across the catering industry with as dramatic
an effect as they have revolutionised
everything else. And just like any other
sector, those who embrace new technology
gain a crucial competitive edge, while those
who do not are liable to be left behind, with
a dwindling market share in one of the most
competitive industries.
Online dining
Perhaps we should be grateful that one thing
we cannot do, at least yet, is eat a meal
online. However, we can do everything
else, right up to the point of eating it,
through our smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Whether that means searching for
recommendations, ordering a takeaway or
booking a restaurant, if you are not online,
you are missing out on an ever-growing
slice of the market. According to data from
Foodable Labs, online ordering is increasing
at a rate of more that 30 percent every
year, making it by far the greatest growth
area in the catering industry.
Digital marketing
Having a good website is a great way
of marketing your business online, and
by making use of social media channels
such as Facebook and Twitter, you can
get people talking about your brand and
sharing your content. This in turn improves
your search engine optimisation (SEO),
meaning your site ranks higher on the search
Online stop shop
That is all good stuff for anyone who is
typing “Indian restaurant in Guildford” or
“pizza delivery London E1” into Google,
but of course, time has strolled on and the
sad fact is that most online customers do not
actually go anywhere near their food outlet’s
Platforms such as Chef Online have proved
the real revolution in the food business,
providing a one stop shop for customers to
find whatever kind of meal they are looking
for. Every cuisine, every budget and every
location – it is all there in one place on a
site that is familiar and is available as a
simple smartphone app.
With a resource like that available, why on
earth would anyone bother to start searching
on Google for a restaurant or takeaway?
Good for businesses too
As well as providing a convenient platform
for diners, a platform like this is also hugely
beneficial to the industry. Rather than
fighting a losing battle against dwindling
conversion rates with their direct website
marketing, registering with Chef Online
provides instant access to a larger market
than you could imagine possible.
Better still, the platform is completely
commission free, meaning no further erosion
of those all-important profit margins.
Future proof dining
With the recent surge in popularity that
voice technology has enjoyed, there is no
telling where the digital revolution will take
us next. The one thing that is sure, however,
is that companies in the catering sector need
to make the best use of the latest innovations
in order to thrive.
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