Eating a curry once or twice a week could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, a US researcher suggests.

The key ingredient is curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric.

Curcumin appears to prevent the spread of amyloid protein plaques - thought to cause dementia - in the brain.

But the theory, presented at the Royal College of Psychiatrists' annual meeting, has been given a lukewarm reception by UK experts.

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An extract found in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric can kill off cancer cells, scientists have shown.

The chemical - curcumin - has long been thought to have healing powers and is already being tested as a treatment for arthritis and even dementia.

Now tests by a team at the Cork Cancer Research Centre show it can destroy gullet cancer cells in the lab.

Cancer experts said the findings in the British Journal of Cancer could help doctors find new treatments.

Dr Sharon McKenna and her team found that curcumin started to kill cancer cells within 24 hours.

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BCA delegation headed by the BCA President Mr. Pasha has recently met the H.E. High Commissioner of Bangladesh High Commission of UK on 16 January, 2013.

pasha%20khandaker.jpgBritish Bangladeshi owns more than eighty percent of the 3.6 billion pound valued UK curry industry. It satisfies with its various foods the appetite of the royal family as well as the mass. 

Back in 1960, these entrepreneurs, with their 12,000 restaurants, established the powerful organisation called Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA). Besides upholding the different interests of the people related to this industry, BCA played active role for Bangladesh in times of disaster like flood and cyclone. Recently, BCA held its Annual Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner at a five star hotel in Central London with presence of powerful ministers and MPs from the opposition.

In an exclusive interview, Pasha Khondoker, the newly elected President of BCA has spoken on problems and potential of the curry industry prevailing in the UK.

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Greetings from BCA, your national organisation representing the curry industry since 1960, I am pleased to share with you that our flagship event BCA Awards and Annual Dinner 2012 will be held on Sunday, 9th December 2012 at Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, (200 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7UT).

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