BCA has completed the task to select the final list for "Restaurant of the Year 2016" award in House of Commons.

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London BD NEWS has published a new with extreme urgency to save curry industry from BREXIT EFFECT.

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Fellow BCA members.


After the news on Daily Mail on Sunday highlighting staff shortages in Curry Houses and that 2 were closing down every week, our President Pasha Khandakar has already been interviewed by 2 TV Channels and 7 Popular Radio Channels. This is very good news for us because the news has reached millions of viewers and listeners. Actually, if we play our cards right, this is going to help us in lobbying with our local MPs. Please prepare yourselves and gather momentum to start lobbying. Simultaneously we need to revitalize our membership base. Pl get your friends and relatives motivated.

Best of regards

M A Munim

Secretary General , BCA

At least two curry houses are closing each week in Britain due to a crippling shortage of chefs

  • Shock number of closures was revealed by the sales data of Cobra beer
  • Crisis comes as the first generation of owners and chefs start to retire 
  • Many of their children, who are often university-educated, want higher pay 
  • The trade body for the UK's 12,000 curry restaurants and takeaways warns hundreds more will shut down soon despite their continued popularity 

At least two curry houses are closing each week in Britain due to a crippling shortage of chefs.

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