This is to Inform you that BCA member Sayed Rofiq Ali Suhel bai of Clacton has passed away 14 Sep 2013 early morning in Bangladesh.

"Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon"

He was very active member of the BCA, We greatly missed him.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala forgive him for his sins, and grant him in Jannatul Ferdous - Aameen

Please pray for his departed soul...

Jazaak Allah Khayran

BCA team

BCA team had a meeting and seminar at the Home Office with there regional director, HMRC officer and head of home office Richards Quinn & Tony Eastaugh also there.

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BCA Called a meeting with regional leader on 21st august 2013 at12pm on Prince of Bengal, Watford to give them the guide line and membership benefits pack to be implemented in to their region.

BCA team attended by the invitation ofThe Council elected Councillor Yvette Hopley to serve as Mayor of Croydon for 2013-14. The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Badsha Quadir invited central BCA leader for reception..on 20th August 2013


Canary wharf Zakir Khan (head of public affair) invited UK British Bangladeshi senior leaders at directors boardroom, one Canada squire, Canary Warf for ifter party on 29th july 2013.