Brexit ministers misled us over immigration, say furious curry house bossesTwo Cabinet ministers were today under fire over the Leave pledge to allow more chefs and waiters into  Britain if the country backed Brexit. Curry house bosses told how they felt “used”, “let down” and may have been given “false hope” by politicians that quitting the EU would allow more workers in from South Asia to address staff shortages.www.standard.co.ukAnother lead story about British curry houses published in today's Evening Standard, printed copy will be available after 2pm today. 

"Brexit ministers misled us over immigration, say furious curry house bosses"


After backing the leave campaign, U.K. curry restaurants feel betrayed by Brexit

Curry restaurants in Britain are shutting down at a rate of two a week after new rules for migrant workers make it more difficult to find staff.Oli Khan, senior Vice-President of the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK, says curry houses are in danger in Britain, especially given the new migration rules that followed the Brexit vote. Many restaurant owners had backed the campaign to leave the European Union after assurances it would lead to more visas for South Asian cooks.  (MATT DUNHAM / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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"No one in Oli Khan’s family had ever lived in Scotland, or anywhere near it. But when, aged 23, Khan first set eyes on Linlithgow, a modest West Lothian town near Falkirk"

Changing tastes, increased competition and a rise in online ordering services mean the curry industry is struggling to keep up the interest it once had, experts have warned today. One Preston-based takeaway owner, who asked not to be named, said he thought the industry was in decline and described the situation as “very difficult”.

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