Members Benifit

2012 was a very important year. Not only was it the Queen’s Diamond Jubi- lee, but we had the Olympics and the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK (BCA) had a new National Executive Committee elected.

It is indeed a great personal privilege and honour for me to be elected as the new Membership Secretary of BCA. I know I have much to learn. I am grateful for all the good works of my predecessors, especially Mr. Nur- Ur Rahman Khandaker (Pasha) . I will continue to seek his advice and the guidance of our Executive Committee as how best to run our Membership Section.


People will only join a trade body
or organization if there are sufficient benefits - BCA is no exception. For this very reason, I am making a very careful study as how to improve and extend benefits to all our members
so that we can make our Association more attractive and worthy of joining. But such attempt will require a little bit of time and plenty of research and hard work. Therefore, I am seeking advice from both within our BCA Members, and others outside in order to come up with a good “ Member- ship Package ”. I shall keep you all informed of our efforts and progress. We may then need to put some of these for a trial period before includ- ing them in our Association.


In today’s world, everything is becom- ing very competitive. So we need to also take a good examination of what the other trade bodies like ours are offering, and then prepare one for our own that can be accepted as value for your membership subscriptions.

I would therefore very much welcome your views, opinions, and suggestions as to what you would like to have included in our Membership Pack- age. Please feel free to contact me via email or by post. I will assure you every one will receive my due consid- eration.


  • Instead of the normal £995 Lifetime Membership for Bar- tercard, we are offering, BCA members a reduced Lifetime Membership of only £395
  • A free app for iPhone and Android that lets restauranteurs promote their restaurants to discerning diners, anywhere, anytime, whatever they’re do- ing. Exclusive 25% discount for BCA members.
  • We are offering BCA mem- bers a FREE website with an integrated online menu and a FREE mobile site worth over £700.00 + VAT.
  • Square Mile Insurance are the appointed insurance brokers for the BCA. We have a policy tailored for the members, that is placed with an A rated UK insurance company and offers additional benefits at a com- petitive price.12.5% discount for BCA members.
  • Normal Membership fee is £200 but for BCA Members lifetime membership is FREE. Promotional Code: BCA
  • Streamline is offering 6 months free rental on its card machine.
  • Retails price: £12.50
    BCA Special Rate: £10.00